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STARZ Plex Superpack now available to PulseTV subscribers

With the STARZ® Plex Superpack, Pulse subscribers have access to 17 premium channels and the top-rated STARZ app – and it’s now available to add to any PulseTV package for just $8.99/month*.

STARZ brings diverse perspectives to life through bold storytelling in visionary original series, hit movies, groundbreaking docuseries, and more.

To celebrate the addition of STARZ to the PulseTV lineup, we’re giving current PulseTV subscribers a free preview of the live channels from Monday, March 13, 2023 to Sunday, March 19, 2023 (PulseTV channels 540 – 556)!

Not only do subscribers get 17 incredible premium channels (detailed below), the STARZ Plex Superpack also includes access to the STARZ app. Stream and download ad-free STARZ content to your devices so you can watch any time, any place.

Existing PulseTV customers can add STARZ to their service by calling 970-541-4990. New Pulse customers have the option to add the package when signing up for service at pulsefiber.org/SignUp.



STARZ logo

STARZ is the ultimate destination for bold original series, movies, and more. Characters who pull you in and stories that stay with you. From bold Original Series to the best movies, whatever you love, STARZ ignites your passions.

  • STARZ (PulseTV channel 548)
    From visionary original series to hit movies, STARZ brings diverse perspectives to life through bold storytelling.
  • STARZ EDGE (PulseTV channel 549)
    From bold original series to movies that thrill, STARZ EDGE pushes boundaries with heart-pounding intensity.
  • STARZ IN BLACK (PulseTV channel 550)
    From critically-acclaimed original series to movies of every genre, STARZ In Black champions Black storytellers in front of and behind the camera.
  • STARZ CINEMA (PulseTV channel 551)
    With a wide range of ground-breaking films, STARZ Cinema has the stories that provoke, captivate, and move you.
  • STARZ KIDS & FAMILY (PulseTV channel 552)
    From the most heart-warming animated hits to series for kids of all ages, STARZ KIDS & FAMILY opens up new worlds while bringing families together.
  • STARZ COMEDY (PulseTV channel 553)
    The laughter never stops on STARZ Comedy. From seriously funny series to the most quotable hit movies around.



STARZ Encore logo

When it comes to your favorite entertainment, too much is never enough. Featuring today’s hits, classic movies, and select past seasons of STARZ Original Series, STARZ ENCORE is the destination for those who love to watch again and again.

  • STARZ ENCORE FAMILY (PulseTV channel 540)
    From animated hits to live-action favorites and kid-friendly series, every night is family night on STARZ ENCORE FAMILY.
  • STARZ ENCORE (PulseTV channel 541)
    Your favorite entertainment lives on STARZ ENCORE, with a mix of classic movies, today’s biggest hits and some of the most captivating series STARZ has to offer.
  • STARZ ENCORE CLASSIC (PulseTV channel 542)
    Indulge in timeless hit movies you know and love. From classic comedies to decade-defining dramas, the best of the best are on STARZ ENCORE CLASSIC.
  • STARZ ENCORE SUSPENSE (PulseTV channel 543)
    If it doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s not on STARZ ENCORE SUSPENSE. Catch nonstop riveting series and intense hit movies whenever you have the nerve.
  • STARZ ENCORE WESTERNS (PulseTV channel 544)
    Get into the spirit of the old west with the most rough-and-tumble westerns under the sun. Saddle up to beloved shows and hit movies on STARZ ENCORE WESTERNS.
  • STARZ ENCORE BLACK (PulseTV channel 545)
    From bold series to movies of every genre, STARZ ENCORE BLACK champions Black storytellers in front of and behind the camera.
  • STARZ ENCORE ACTION (PulseTV channel 546)
    STARZ ENCORE ACTION is loaded with the boldest series and most explosive hit movies around. All the hard-hitting action you can handle is right here.
  • STARZ ENCORE ESPAÑOL (PulseTV channel 547)
    Welcome to the ultimate destination for premium series and movies tailored to a Spanish-speaking audience. STARZ ENCORE ESPAÑOL has the hits your whole family can enjoy.



All Movies, All The Time. Whatever kind of movies you’re into one channel has them all, delivering the widest variety of movies 24 hours a day.

  • Movieplex (PulseTV channel 554)
  • Indieplex (PulseTV channel 555)
  • Retroplex (PulseTV channel 556)

STARZ and related channels and service marks are the property of Starz Entertainment, LLC. BMF © MMXXII Lions Gate Television Inc. All rights reserved. Party Down © MMXXII Lions Gate Television Inc. All rights reserved. Outlander © 2022 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All rights reserved. Power Book II: Ghost © MMXXII Lions Gate Television Inc. All rights reserved.

*The STARZ Plex Superpack is $8.99/month for PulseTV customers as of 3/1/2023. Pricing may change in the future.

PulseTV Rate Changes Effective March 1, 2023

Starting March 1, 2023, rates for PulseTV packages are increasing. TV networks periodically increase the fees they charge providers like Pulse for the right to broadcast their movies, shows, and sporting events. While keeping the increase as small as possible, Pulse must pass through these higher costs and charges to their video service subscribers.

The following monthly prices will take effect and appear on new and existing customers’ statements starting 3/1/23.

Through 2/28/2023  Beginning 3/1/2023
Essentials $34.95* $37.49*
Favorites $85.95* $91.95*
Premier $99.95* $106.95*
HBO & HBO Max $14.99* $15.99*
*Prices do not include taxes and fees. Our Rate Card includes information about all federal, state, and local taxes and fees collected by Pulse.

PulseTV customers will continue to receive excellent service and reliability, with the same access to over 170 high-definition channels, and features like PulseTV Everywhere, multiple streams, cloud DVR, streaming via web browser, and occasional free premium channel previews.

As the price of nearly every consumer good and service has been on the rise, anyone who may need financial support is encouraged to see if they qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a government program that provides up to $30/month towards high-speed internet service for eligible households. Pulse recently launched the Pulse ACP Supplement which adds $14.95/month to the government benefit, providing qualified households a total of $44.95/month towards Pulse internet service. Learn more at pulsefiber.org/ACP.

Customers are also encouraged to use MyBundle to get personalized recommendations of video streaming services based on what content they actually watch. By only subscribing to the providers they use, customers can save money and time.

As a community-owned utility, Pulse is accountable to local residents, and not to shareholders whose top priority is profit. Pulse’s mission is to make reliable, high-speed fiber internet accessible to every home and business in the areas it serves, with a commitment to fair and transparent pricing and policies. Read more about Pulse’s commitment to transparency.

We thank you for entrusting Pulse to be your internet service provider and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions.

Sun Outages

For about a week each spring and fall, the sun passes directly behind satellites transmitting TV signals.  When this happens, solar flares and radiation emitted by the sun can interrupt or distort the satellite signals; this is called a sun outage. PulseTV Subscribers may be affected by sun outages March 4 – 8, 2022.

How will my TV service be impacted?

During this time, you may experience some degree of television interference, such as a pixelated picture, picture freezes, or audio distortions for a brief period of time. The strongest impact will likely be during the afternoon of March 5 – 7, 2022.

Service downtime is not cool, but you gotta admit the science of a sun outage is. We thank you for your patience during this time. Questions? Contact our Technical Support team at 970-962-3503.

Loveland Pulse Launches PulseTV Everywhere

LOVELAND, Colo. – January 11, 2022 – Pulse, the City of Loveland’s community-owned, 100% fiber-optic Internet, Voice, and Television services provider has launched a free expansion to its streaming-television service packages. PulseTV Everywhere allows PulseTV subscribers to take some of their favorite shows on the road, so they can enjoy television content when they are away from their home network.

PulseTV Everywhere turns subscribers’ mobile devices into mobile TVs. PulseTV Everywhere gives viewers the option to watch some of their favorite content whenever they want, wherever they are, with any type of internet connectivity – wireless or cellular. 

The service is a free upgrade to all PulseTV packages. 

“Pulse is proud to offer this free new feature to PulseTV subscribers. PulseTV Everywhere allows our users to enjoy quality television content whenever they want, wherever they want. At home, or on the road – anywhere they’ve got connectivity, PulseTV subscribers can access a range of great content from many of their favorite networks,” explains Lindsey Johansen, communication and marketing manager for Pulse.

Watch live streaming as well as select previously aired episodes PulseTV Everywhere from over 60 participating networks, such as Discovery, ESPN, SYFY, and Colorado-sports fan favorite, Altitude Sports.

More information about PulseTV, and PulseTVE, can be found at www.pulsefiber.org/PulseTVEverywhere

Existing PulseTV subscribers can visit www.pulsefiber.org/WatchPulseTVE to start enjoying PulseTV Everywhere right now. 

Check to see if your address is fiber-ready and sign up for Pulse Internet, Voice, and PulseTV service at: www.pulsefiber.org/CanISignUpNow. Current Pulse customers can add PulseTV by calling Customer Service at 970-541-4990. 

About Pulse

Pulse is a trusted local utility connecting the Loveland community by offering affordable, reliable, and fast Internet, Voice, and Television service through a 100% fiber-optic network. The community-owned utility was established in 2018 and built on a promise of local service, transparency in rates and speeds, and responsiveness second to none. Pulse will be available to all residents and businesses within the City of Loveland approximately four years after construction began in November 2019. For more information, please visit pulsefiber.org.

Loveland Pulse Launches PulseTV

LOVELAND, Colo. – Oct. 13, 2021 – Pulse, the City of Loveland’s community-owned 100% fiber-optic internet and voice provider, today announced the launch of PulseTV. Designed with Loveland in mind, the app-based streaming television service offers local, nationally broadcast and on-demand TV shows and movies to residents and businesses.

Providing over 200 high-definition channels, PulseTV plans start at just $34.95 per month and includes 100 hours of cloud DVR, three simultaneous streams of programming, and a free app for download. Pulse subscribers also have the ability to add-on premium content such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime.

 “PulseTV provides our community the freedom of choice in accessing their favorite news, sports, and entertainment.” said Brieana Reed-Harmel municipal fiber manager for Pulse. “Now you can easily access the best content over the best network – Loveland’s only 100% fiber-optic network.”

Creating the ultimate in-home sports viewing experience, Pulse is also pleased to announce that Altitude and Altitude 2 is available for those who subscribe to PulseTV’s Favorites package. Loveland sports fans will have full access to all Altitude Sports programming, including live Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, and Colorado Mammoth games, all original network programs, plus high school and college football, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, and much more.

More information about PulseTV can be found at www.pulsefiber.org/TV.

Check to see if your address is serviceable and sign up for Pulse internet, voice, and PulseTV service at: www.pulsefiber.org/CanISignUpNow. Current Pulse customers can add PulseTV by calling Customer Service at 970-962-2111.

About Pulse

Pulse is a trusted local utility connecting the Loveland community by offering affordable, reliable, and fast internet, voice, and television service through a 100% fiber-optic network. The community-owned utility was established in 2018 and built on a promise of local service, transparency in rates and speeds, and responsiveness second to none. Pulse will be available to all residents and businesses within the City of Loveland approximately four years after construction began in November 2019. For more information, please visit pulsefiber.org.

Loveland Pulse celebrates 2020 milestones, looks ahead to 2021

A message from the City of Loveland’s Municipal Fiber Manager Brieana Reed-Harmel


Happy New Year, Loveland! 

The Pulse team started 2020 with high expectations, solid plans, and a whole lot of tenacity. Launching a brand new utility from the ground up is never simple. Doing so during a once-in-a-century pandemic added an unpredictable layer to this unique process. That said, I am proud to announce that our project is on time, on budget, and our team has met or exceeded the goals set for the first year. More importantly, 2020 has proven that fast, affordable, high-speed internet service is essential to our community. 

2020 Hindsight

Looking back, construction kicked-off during what turned out to be a record-setting, historic November snowfall in our region. We built the crucial core components of our network, allowing connection to the greater World Wide Web, and began transmission of our very first bits and bytes. Our operations platform was brought to life, and over three dozen city team members were trained to use it. We launched residential and business services, allowing our first customers to benefit from our 100% fiber-optic network. Our subscriber rate (or take rate) since our launch, is exceeding our goals in the business plan and we are off to a great start. Read more about how we approach our take rate measurement here and view our monthly Fiber to the Premise reports at pulsefiber.org/PulseInProgress for details. These updates are an important part of our commitment to transparency.

In addition to construction and service, we also sponsored free public WiFi outside the Loveland Public Library, launched a local support center for customers to enjoy 24/7/365 technical assistance, established connectivity for the underserved Big Thompson Elementary School, and started an outreach program for  Homeowners’ Associations to help educate about Colorado 811 laws and protect private infrastructure during construction. Learn more and sign up at our directory by visiting pulsefiber.org/HOA

What does 2021 hold?

Heading into year two of a four-year construction project, we will continue to work as quickly, efficiently, and safely as we can to serve you. Additionally, I am happy to share that we will be offering PulseTV service in 2021. With PulseTV you will be able to stream and watch your favorite programming from sports and entertainment to local-only channels and more – live. It’s a viewing experience Loveland has never had before. Sign up at pulsefiber.org/EarlyInterest if you want us to email you when details come available.

As always, we encourage you to stay connected with us at pulsefiber.org, and on social media. 

We are proud to be your trusted, local communications utility. On behalf of the entire Pulse team, thank you for your continued support. We are excited about what 2021 will bring!

Loveland PulseTV is coming to town

Before everybody settles in for a holiday hibernation and prepares for their long winter’s nap, we want to give you and your sugar plum fairies something to look forward to in the new year.   

We can now confirm that PulseTV is coming to town! 


Although details are still being ironed out, and timelines have not been finalized, we are sure that we will be adding this service in the next calendar year – creating a true triple-play offering, with 100% fiber-optic internet, home telephone service, and now television. 

One of the biggest concerns our community expressed about “cutting the cable cord” or transitioning away from other internet providers, was losing access to television programming favorites. With PulseTV, we’ve got you covered  – you will be able to enjoy your live, local, and nationally broadcast shows like never before.

PulseTV was designed specifically for the residents of Loveland. We are proud to offer a new, flexible way to experience your favorite programming.  Traditional TV set? Smart TV? Tablet? Smart phone? Desktop or laptop? – No matter which device you want to watch your favorite shows, that is where we will serve it to you.

Again – it’s not available yet – it’s coming soon! But with 100 hours of cloud-based DVR recording space, an option to create three unique household viewing profiles, integration with Apple, Android and Amazon devices, video-on-demand, and other 21st century features – we were just too excited not to share this news with you now. 

So, let us know you’d like to learn more about PulseTV by signing up on our Early Interest page – and in the meantime, dream of all the ways Loveland Pulse is working hard to make your digital world better in every way.