International Calling with Pulse Voice

International Calling with Pulse Voice

Do you have friends or family who live abroad? Travel internationally or conduct business around the globe? Not only does Pulse’s digital home phone service give you crystal-clear reception when you’re calling down the street, but it also gives you that same reception when you call Down Under.

Pulse Voice includes international calling to over 230 countries. Get the current rates at

Activating international calling with Pulse Voice

We know how fun pressing buttons can be for little fingers or paws, so we don’t activate international calling until you ask us to. In addition, some countries are blocked for security by default. Please call us at 970-541-4990 and we’ll quickly get you set up for international calling.

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How to dial an international call from the USA

To dial an international call from the USA, you will need to dial the following:

  • 011: This is the US exit code.
  • Country code: This is the code for the country you are calling. You can find a list of country codes with pricing here
  • Area code: This is the area code for the region or city you are calling.
  • Phone number: This is the phone number of the person you are calling.

Not all countries use the same phone number format as the United States! For example, to call Disneyland Paris in France, you would dial 011 33 01 60 30 60 53

  • 011
  • 33 (country code for France)
  • 01 (area code for Paris)
  • 60 30 60 53 (phone number)

Image: cover of Pulse Residential Voice GuideIf you would like to add Pulse Voice or have questions about your Voice service, please give us a call at 970-541-4990. Pulse Voice customers can learn how to use additional features in our Residential Voice Guide.