A Pulse field technician working at a fiber cable box.

A Day in the Life of a Pulse Field Technician

At Pulse, we make it our goal to provide not just the greatest possible internet to each person in Loveland, but also the greatest service. In fact, PCMag ranked Pulse as the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in the Mountain-West, and the second fastest ISP in the entire United States in 2023! From up the canyon in Drake, to your doorstep, and everywhere in between, our field technicians are a large part of what makes Pulse the great service that it is today. You may see our techs in their neon safety vests driving around Loveland in their Pulse trucks, but what do they do to make our fiber work?

To start each day, our techs are usually some of the first people to arrive at our office. A normal day typically starts at 7:45 in the morning, where they work together to generate reports, known as CAB orders, schedule times for service calls, and plan out commercial installations. Once these have been completed, they meet to organize their days and begin prepping equipment such as modems, fiber splicers, conduit, WiFi 6 SuperPods for our Adaptive WiFi+, and other various tools to put into their trucks and go about their day.


CAB (short for cabinets) orders are something that our techs do daily, and a new order is generated for each and every new Pulse subscriber throughout Loveland. It gives our techs the name of the subscriber, their home address, and where the home address correlates within one of our many fiber cabinets throughout the city. The techs take the list of CAB orders, and drive to each cabinet where they will take a fiber jumper, clean it, and plug it into the cabinet, which then connects the flowerpot outside of your house to one of the fiber huts in Loveland. Once a CAB order is complete, this allows our pre-installation team to take the fiber from the flowerpot near the curb of your home and connect it to a NID outside your home. Then, our in-home installation team connects to our Optical Network Terminal (ONT, which works like a modem and router in one) inside your house, and then deliver our multigigabit internet service to you.


Each service call is different in its own way and can range from faulty ONTs to wanting to upgrade to our PulseTV service. When our customers need help, it is our field technicians that are often the ones who come to save the day. Our techs will check the cases created from the previous day and call our customers to schedule a time to come out to their house and do whatever they can to help. The goal of our techs is to be able to arrive at our customers’ earliest convenience, so they can make sure that Pulse subscribers are taken care of. Our techs are great at being friendly, helpful, and professional to make sure that customers have the most positive experience possible. Check out our 4.6 star rating on Google Reviews, to learn more about the great experiences our customers have with Pulse technicians.


Commercial installations are some of the most time-consuming and difficult installations that we do at Pulse. Each one is unique, and our techs work with the business owners to ensure that they install our fiber in locations that make sense, and at a time that works best for the business owner. For business installs, it is common to see our techs climbing through attics and up ladders to get the fiber throughout the premise, while also making sure that it is secure and won’t be destroyed or tampered with. Depending on the size of the building, the timing of these installations can range from anywhere as quickly as one day, up to multiple weeks. It is often an all-hands-on deck job, so that we can get businesses up and running on our Pulse network.


These are the typical things that you can find our field techs doing on a day-to-day basis. We are thankful to have reliable and friendly technicians that always do their best to go above and beyond to ensure that our network is the best that it can be, and that the people who call Loveland home have the best multigigabit fiber network possible.