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Loveland PulseTV is coming to town

Before everybody settles in for a holiday hibernation and prepares for their long winter’s nap, we want to give you and your sugar plum fairies something to look forward to in the new year.   

We can now confirm that PulseTV is coming to town! 


Although details are still being ironed out, and timelines have not been finalized, we are sure that we will be adding this service in the next calendar year – creating a true triple-play offering, with 100% fiber-optic internet, home telephone service, and now television. 

One of the biggest concerns our community expressed about “cutting the cable cord” or transitioning away from other internet providers, was losing access to television programming favorites. With PulseTV, we’ve got you covered  – you will be able to enjoy your live, local, and nationally broadcast shows like never before.

PulseTV was designed specifically for the residents of Loveland. We are proud to offer a new, flexible way to experience your favorite programming.  Traditional TV set? Smart TV? Tablet? Smart phone? Desktop or laptop? – No matter which device you want to watch your favorite shows, that is where we will serve it to you.

Again – it’s not available yet – it’s coming soon! But with 100 hours of cloud-based DVR recording space, an option to create three unique household viewing profiles, integration with Apple, Android and Amazon devices, video-on-demand, and other 21st century features – we were just too excited not to share this news with you now. 

So, let us know you’d like to learn more about PulseTV by signing up on our Early Interest page – and in the meantime, dream of all the ways Loveland Pulse is working hard to make your digital world better in every way.