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Loveland Pulse Launches PulseTV Everywhere

LOVELAND, Colo. – January 11, 2022 – Pulse, the City of Loveland’s community-owned, 100% fiber-optic Internet, Voice, and Television services provider has launched a free expansion to its streaming-television service packages. PulseTV Everywhere allows PulseTV subscribers to take some of their favorite shows on the road, so they can enjoy television content when they are away from their home network.

PulseTV Everywhere turns subscribers’ mobile devices into mobile TVs. PulseTV Everywhere gives viewers the option to watch some of their favorite content whenever they want, wherever they are, with any type of internet connectivity – wireless or cellular. 

The service is a free upgrade to all PulseTV packages. 

“Pulse is proud to offer this free new feature to PulseTV subscribers. PulseTV Everywhere allows our users to enjoy quality television content whenever they want, wherever they want. At home, or on the road – anywhere they’ve got connectivity, PulseTV subscribers can access a range of great content from many of their favorite networks,” explains Lindsey Johansen, communication and marketing manager for Pulse.

Watch live streaming as well as select previously aired episodes PulseTV Everywhere from over 60 participating networks, such as Discovery, ESPN, SYFY, and Colorado-sports fan favorite, Altitude Sports.

More information about PulseTV, and PulseTVE, can be found at www.pulsefiber.org/PulseTVEverywhere

Existing PulseTV subscribers can visit www.pulsefiber.org/WatchPulseTVE to start enjoying PulseTV Everywhere right now. 

Check to see if your address is fiber-ready and sign up for Pulse Internet, Voice, and PulseTV service at: www.pulsefiber.org/CanISignUpNow. Current Pulse customers can add PulseTV by calling Customer Service at 970-541-4990. 

About Pulse

Pulse is a trusted local utility connecting the Loveland community by offering affordable, reliable, and fast Internet, Voice, and Television service through a 100% fiber-optic network. The community-owned utility was established in 2018 and built on a promise of local service, transparency in rates and speeds, and responsiveness second to none. Pulse will be available to all residents and businesses within the City of Loveland approximately four years after construction began in November 2019. For more information, please visit pulsefiber.org.