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Pulse Collaborates with Local Artist Amelia Furman

When thinking about Pulse’s commitment to connecting the community, the first thing that may come to mind is that it’s the Fastest Internet in Colorado, or our commitment to volunteerism, but there’s another thing that Pulse does to connect the community; we support local!

A recent example that we’re excited about was teaming up with local artist Amelia Furman. Amelia is a Loveland based artist who creates collaborative art. In 2023, Amelia was featured at the Colorado Broadband Office’s BEAD Press Conference, held here in Loveland at Forge Campus.

The Creative Process

At the event, Amelia invited the attendees to participate in a collaborative art piece to commemorate the occasion. During the event, Pulse employees and community members drew dots paired with a number on a canvas.

“I love collaborations and community connecting types of projects, and this seemed to fit perfectly,” said Amelia when asked about why she decided to work with Pulse on the piece.

After the event Amelia took the canvas back to her studio and began connecting the dots. She then brought a vision to life by overlaying various pieces of paper material that connected with Pulse. These included drawings of fiber, pictures of internet pioneers, the Pulse logo and more.

After this Amelia continued with her unique art style where she painted over the other layers of the piece. The lower layers of  the piece continued to show through in some spots as the art began to look more like a traditional painting. The painted overlay is of an aspen grove that Amelia says is inspired by Colorado forests. The aspen grove was chosen because when Amelia began researching fiber lines, the thin, illuminative pieces of glass that deliver internet via pulses of light reminded her of the famous trees. Similarly, each individual aspen grove is one singular organism, all connected and intertwined.

Community Focus

Much like Pulse, Amelia’s art is often focused on community. She does a plethora of community projects including one that she is just finishing up for the House of Neighborly Services in Loveland.  Amelia believes in the power of community coming together and supporting each other.

“If there’s no heart and no soul in the community in the form of creativity and beauty, then it’s not a place you’re going to want to hang out,” said Amelia.

With Pulse moving into a new office, we have the unique opportunity to create a space that is both practical and comfortable. For that reason, the art will be hung in our new office as a reminder of our commitment to the spectacular community we serve.