Brieana Reed-Harmel

Reed-Harmel will lead new broadband division

Brieana Reed-Harmel, who has managed the City’s broadband initiative since June 2016, has been selected to head a new Loveland Water and Power division formed to carry the project forward.

As Division Manager of the High-Speed Fiber Enterprise, Reed-Harmel will manage construction and operation of a citywide network that will make fiber-optic internet service available to every home, business and school in Loveland.

The City Council in November passed a measure endorsing the broadband network, and on Dec. 18 approved on first reading the issuance of utility enterprise bonds to raise $95.42 million to fund it. Second reading for the bond measure will be Jan. 15.

Nearly three years of research by the city’s broadband team and consultants has shown that sufficient demand exists in Loveland for the network to be fully funded by subscribers.

Reed-Harmel joined the City’s Water and Power Department in May 2012 as an electrical engineer, and was promoted the same year to Senior Electrical Engineer. City Manager Steve Adams in June 2016 named her as manager of the broadband project. Since that time, Reed-Harmel has led presentations on the broadband topic at 17 City Council meetings.

Construction on the network that is being designed by Nokia of America will begin in 2019 with a three- to four-year timetable for completion. Reed-Harmel’s appointment, announced by Water and Power Director Joe Bernosky, will be followed by additional hiring as the broadband enterprise develops.