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Pulse in Progress – Construction on City’s 100% fiber-optic network underway

Fall has been a busy time for Pulse, the City’s communications utility that is connecting the Loveland community by offering affordable, reliable and fast internet and voice service through a 100% fiber-optic network.

Pulse was approved by city council in November 2018 to ensure that all residents and businesses across the city had access to affordable, reliable, fast internet service that provides the same high level of customer service available to residents today.

On Nov. 13, City staff, elected officials, contractors and community members broke ground to launch construction efforts that will bring the Pulse network in front of every home and business in the city over the next three to four years.

What’s in a network

The Pulse network will have three parts: the core network, distribution network and customer connections. The core network and telecommunications huts installed in Loveland are what connect the City to telecommunications hubs across the U.S. The distribution network is the fiber that needs to be installed across the city. Customer connections are the last piece, connecting homes or businesses to the rest of the network. They are only installed when a customer subscribes to service.

The first Pulse telecommunications equipment hut was installed at the Loveland Water and Power Service Center Oct. 31 and the remaining four huts will be installed across the city before the end of the year.

What to expect moving forward

Construction resources are available at pulsefiber.org. Public construction and service maps will not be available as that information can be misused by competing internet service providers in the area.

Service information is expected to be announced in the first half of 2020. Fill out the early interest form to receive information about service when it is available in our area.