Colorado Boring Drill Operator, Austin Lauden

Meet Colorado Boring drill operator, Austin Lauden

I’ve lived in Northern Colorado my whole life. I was born at UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins and moved to Milliken when I was 12. I went to high school in Johnstown and now I live in Greeley with my wife.

I’ve been with Colorado Boring since September 2019. Before that, I worked for a distribution company. We did sales for the agricultural and oil industries.

This is the first time I’ve worked in the broadband and fiber-optic industry. I had a good idea about how it worked but have gained a much broader spectrum of understanding when we started working with Pulse.

We have heard from some community members and most are pretty excited to have a new connection coming into the neighborhood. We’ve even heard from some residents that don’t have internet access right now, so hopefully, Pulse is going to be able to bring in the connection they need.

We’ve had a lot of good interactions with people while working. People want to know what we’re doing and what’s going on, and are sharing their excitement.

Loveland residents are always so welcoming. I’ve even been offered a burrito! I love my job, I really like everything that I do. Working with everyone at the company is great.

Outside of work, I like to fish and hunt and hang out with my wife.

*Photo taken in January 2020. To read more about updated construction processes for COVID-19, please read this article.