Pulse Staff Members In Yellow Construction Vests

Loveland Pulse construction set to begin following city council contract approvals

Tomorrow is a big milestone for Pulse. It is the one-year anniversary of city council’s project approval and it is also the day we can move forward with construction after council approved our two construction contractors tonight. The first telecommunications hut was installed at the Loveland Water and Power Service Center on Oct. 31 and network construction will begin later this month.

We have selected Colorado Boring and On Trac, Inc. as our construction contractors and are proud to work with two experienced local businesses who know and love our community as much as the rest of us. Both companies have extensive specialized expertise for the project and they bring a high level of professionalism and a commitment to serving our residents and businesses.

Fort Collins-based Colorado Boring, along with GE Construction and Backbone Fiber, will lead construction efforts for all central office and outside plant operations, including installation of telecommunications huts and construction for feeder and distribution networks. Basically, they will install our fiber-optic network underground throughout all public areas of the city. You have likely seen their vehicles across Loveland and potentially in your neighborhood as they have worked with the City on some previous, significant construction projects. It is helpful to have a team that is familiar with local subsurface conditions in our area and has an established track record of working with our residents and crews. They are committed to the long-term health and prosperity of our community.
Longmont-based On Trac will focus on fiber to the premises (FTTP) installation services to connect residential and business customers to the network as they sign up for services. They will be the team that meets you at your house to install our high-speed network to your home and get you all set up for service. They specialize in FTTP deployment and have worked with notable projects including Longmont’s NextLight and Fort Collins Connexion. We have worked closely with our neighbor’s in Longmont to document best practices and are thankful to have one of their same trusted contractors in place to bring high-speed internet to subscribers in Loveland.
These contracts were awarded following RFP and bidding processes through the City of Loveland. Outside plant construction services will cost $35.5 million and FTTP installation services will cost approximately $10 million, based on the proposed take rate from subscribers. These services will be paid for out of the $95 million secured to fund the Pulse project.
Construction resources will be available soon. Keep an eye out for new updates and don’t forget to connect with us on social, check out our FAQs and ask us your questions. You can also email us at pulse@cityofloveland.org or by phone, 970-962-2010.