Image of a happy Pulse customer sitting at their desk with the Pulse website pulled up on a computer screen

Give $50 and Get $50 – share the digital love of Pulse Fiber Internet

Pulse Fiber Internet stands out as more than just an internet service provider; it’s a community-driven network fostering connectivity in Loveland and beyond. This February, subscribers are reminded to share the digital love – and their great experiences with Pulse – with their friends and neighbors. Pulse’s Refer A Neighbor program has been refreshed. Residential and business customers are now given $50 for each referral, and each of their new referrals also get a $50 credit on their future connection. Customers can earn up to $500 per year toward their internet costs by referring 10 friends to the service. 

“Everything about this service, its employees, and its contractors should be a model for ANY other business. More than a full year of having the service and I have had one instance of downtime. A person answered the phone and helped immediately to solve my problem to completion.  This is how internet should be.” Justin S., Pulse Customer

Community-owned networks like Pulse prioritize customer satisfaction and service quality over maximizing profits. This focus allows for more responsive customer support, tailored services, and greater emphasis on meeting the specific needs of the community.

“I have loved my experience with Pulse. I could choose the services that were right for me with the speed I needed. I have made two changes which were handled pleasantly by their customer service on the day I contacted them. This is so far superior to my experience with my previous provider! I recommend Pulse to friends and family with confidence.” Wendy C., Pulse Customer

By choosing to receive service from community-owned networks, residents are directly contributing to local development and economic growth. Residents are investing in their community, fostering job creation, promoting technological innovation, and ensuring access to improved infrastructure for everybody. And, when they let us know who referred them when they subscribe, they’re going to get $50 off a future bill!

To learn more about how Pulse Fiber Internet will make your digital life better in every way, speak to a friend, a neighbor, or a local business using Pulse to find out what they’re enjoying most. To learn more about the Refer a Neighbor program, visit