Image of 5 people on a stage accepting an award. There is a screen behind that says Start Award Winner and has the Northern Colorado Community Fiber logo.

Celebrating 2023 Awards and Recognition

The Pulse team continues to garner industry and community recognition for our quality of service and innovation. We’re proud to highlight the following accolades we received in 2023!

2023 3CMA Savvy: Communications and Marketing Plans for Pulse Construction to Service Activation Communications Plan

3CMA (City-County Communications & Marketing Association) presents Savvy Awards for projects that represent the best in government communications. Pulse’s communications plan that takes residents from the announcement of network construction through to when they can sign up for service was recognized as an impressive and comprehensive undertaking.

PCMag Best ISPs 2023: Pulse fastest network in the Mountain Region and 2nd fastest in the nation

PCMag’s annual roundup of data on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) reported an impressive statistic about Pulse: we’re the fastest provider in the West Mountain Division and the 2nd fastest in the US!

…a couple of even smaller providers show what real speed is. In first place is Pulse, part of the Loveland Water and Power Department in Colorado, with a PCMag Speed Index of 579.8. (Mountain Region)
Best Internet Service Providers for 2023 – PC Mag

2023 – Star Award from Fiber Broadband Association (for NOCO Community Fiber)

The Fiber Broadband Association’s Star Award recognizes a person, community, or company that has gone above and beyond what is expected in the advancement of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH). Championed by Pulse, NOCO Community Fiber is a partnership between municipality-owned communications utilities and Larimer County. It is dedicated to the delivery of reliable, high-quality, affordable fiber broadband and has demonstrated that this critical connectivity is achievable when communities collaborate on creative solutions and profitability is removed from the equation. Collectively, the city-owned broadband utilities in the partnership have stood up the option for Fiber-to-the-Premise to over 125,000 addresses in five years. Now with an additional $10,000,000 in county and state funds, NOCO Community Fiber is working to serve 2,650 rural and harder-to-access locations, with more to come as financial resources are available.

2023 – PRSA CO Gold Pick: Integrated Communications for Pulse Construction to Service Activation Plan

PRSA Colorado’s Gold Pick Awards honor the region’s best work in public relations and have become the state’s most prestigious awards recognition program for public relations practitioners. Pulse’s communications plan that takes residents from the announcement of network construction through to when they can sign up for service was recognized for demonstrating leadership of public relations strategies and tactics in a creative and effective campaign integrated with other marketing and communications components.

These accolades reflect the skill and commitment of our employees and partners while affirming Pulse’s significant impact on our community. They let us know we are doing the right thing and invigorate us to continue to be driven by our core values.

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