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Back-to-School Checklist: Free Pulse Internet with the ACP

Learning happens inside and outside the classroom, which is why it’s essential for students to have reliable home internet. Without internet access, it can be difficult to keep up or participate in school, and Pulse wants to make sure no one in our community is left out because of cost. We proudly participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Pulse ACP Supplement, which gives qualifying households a $44.95 monthly credit toward high-speed internet – even making some Pulse plans FREE. It’s time to upgrade to fiber and cross “internet” off your Back-to-School supply list!


It has been shown that “the educational digital divide has such a profound effect on students’ overall growth, safety and well-being — including the opportunity to achieve success, both now and in the future.” Access to high-speed internet is necessary “to complete basic educational requirements, even in elementary school.” Today’s students need home internet:

  • TO DO HOMEWORK Many schools now use online platforms for assignments, quizzes, and tests. Students also need internet access to research topics for their papers and projects.
  • TO COMMUNICATE WITH TEACHERS AND CLASSMATES Students often use email, messaging apps, social media, and video conferencing to communicate with their teachers and classmates. This is especially important for students who are taking online courses or who are absent from school.
  • TO ACCESS EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES There are a wealth of educational resources available online, including online textbooks and learning platforms. These resources can help students learn at their own pace and master difficult concepts.
  • TO STAY INFORMED ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS The internet is a great way to stay informed about current events. Students can use the internet to read news articles, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. This can help students understand the world around them and develop critical thinking skills.
  • TO PARTICIPATE IN ONLINE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Many schools now offer online learning opportunities. These opportunities can allow students to take courses that are not offered at their school or to earn college credit while they are still in high school.

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The ACP is a federal government plan that gives a $30 monthly credit to qualifying households for internet service. The Pulse ACP Supplement automatically adds a $14.95 monthly credit to ACP participants, for a total credit of $44.95 per month that can be applied to any Pulse internet plan.

You are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program discounts if your entire household income is at or below twice the federal poverty level (for example, in 2023 the amount is $60,000/year for a family of four, $29,160/year for an individual). Another way to qualify is if your family participates in certain federal assistance programs such as Lifeline, SNAP/EBT, Medicaid, or WIC. See all the ways to qualify at


  1. Get Approved: Apply and qualify for the ACP at (Need help with your application? There are resources available at the Loveland Public Library
  2. Select Your Plan: Sign up for Pulse internet at or by phone at 970-541-4990.
  3. Save on Your Monthly Statement: Once ACP enrollment is complete, you will see a monthly credit on your Pulse statement.

We have more details about Pulse’s ACP plan at

Existing Pulse Customers: After qualifying through the ACP National Verifier, existing Pulse customers should complete the Pulse ACP Terms & Consent Form to add the ACP benefit to your account.  If you have any questions, please call us at 970-541-4990.

Please note – ACP credits can only be applied to one service provider.